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Better wordpower Oxford

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 Witam !Sprzedam książkę Better wordpower OxfordToday, more and more emphaics is placed on successful communication, and on the correct and skilled used of words. Better Wordpower is accessible and readable guide which helps you through the pitfalls and complications of the English language. Hints are givenon how to tackle the most typical problems and a list of the most frequently misspelled words is provided. If you want to become more effective in your use of English, then this self-improvement guide will show you how.Provides practical advice on how to use dictionaries, thesauruses, and other language reference book effectivelyA comprehensive reference section highlights easily confused words, foreign terms, and how words are formedNoun lists, covering specialist words for topics such as architecture, coutries, the human body, language, mathematics, and music, help expand vocabularyStan książki dobry Polecam i zachęcam do zakupu na innych moich aukcjach 31.10.12 

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Better wordpower Oxford

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