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Hero on the loose Rebecca Winters

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 Witam !Sprzedam książkę Hero on the looseRebecca WintersShe'd helped to convict him -- but was he innocent?Andrea Meyers was on the jury that convicted prominent New Mexico stockbroker Lucas Hastings of defrauding his clients. She was never comfortable with the verdict, though; the case against him was just too perfect. And as an ordained minister, Andrea tended to believe the best of people not the worst.When Luke was released from prison, he came straight to Andrea's church. He came because there was an attraction between them that sizzled and crackled and drew them together. A dangerous passion that held no future. After all, what did a minister whose parish was her family, a woman who'd survived a difficult and deprived existence, have in common with a man like Lucas Hastings? A man who'd been born to wealth and privilege. A man she'd helped put in jail.Książka używanastan dobry Harlequin Romance21/04/14

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Hero on the loose Rebecca Winters

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