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The Revolutionary Hans Koningsberger

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Witam !Sprzedam ksiązkę The RevolutionaryHans Koningsberger A stirring account of revolutionary organization and unrest in an unnamed European country. The Dutch-born author, who escaped Holland and fought with the British in World War II before moving to this country, has a very long and honorable main career as a radical journalist.The conflict imagined in this novel is of the sort that dominated Western history from 1848 through the present. Koning is very much on the side of the revolutionaries -- who would dare to call them "terrorists?" -- but he is never blind to their weaknesses and failings.In 1970, this novel was made into a first-rate if underappreciated film starring Oscar-winner Jon Voight as the title character. Penguin Books1970 Stan książkidobry Polecam i zachęcam do zakupu na innych moich aukcjach !!! 01.05.13

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The Revolutionary Hans Koningsberger

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