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The world of Washington irving

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 Witam !Sprzedam książkęThe world of washington irvingEdited and introduced by John McDermottThis is very entertaining and witty account of the American literary scene in the first four decades of the nineteenth century, using Washington Irving's life and career as a thread which unites a much broader discussion of American culture and other writers - I think there were as many chapters specifically about Poe as about Irving. There were a lot of things here I hadn't thought about - how in 1800 Philadephia was at the heart of the new nation, rather than the smaller and dubiously Dutch-speaking New York; how service in the early US Navy was an intellectually broadening experience; how big an earthquake the 1828 election was; how closely linked the various writers were by bonds of blood and friendship. I must admit I haven't read widely in this period - Davy Crockett, Poe, and failed attempts on The Scarlet Letter and The Last of the Mohicans and that's it - but Brooks made me feel that I could profitably try a bit moreKsiążka używanastan dobry Książka używanaw języku angielskim Stan dobry25/07/14

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The world of Washington irving

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